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This wiki was created in April, 2009, for students in ELEC424 to get experience writing wiki articles.

The articles will feature topics from communication systems theory.

Created April, 2009.

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Student Articles on Topics in Communications Theory

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TheProf: It's 9 PM the night before these articles are due and it appears that only a couple of them are near completion. We will be discussing these articles in class tomorrow, so let's get them done!
Save Your Code Often!
When switching between the wiki gui programming and the source code the website will often lose your information or sometimes encrypt it with lots of html code. I eventually just programmed with a notepad open and saved the code before switching screens.
2009 April 13 / Equations work!
Check it out! TeX equations are functional here:

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International Morse Code

Information Theory is the quantitative study of information, pioneered by Claude Shannon in 1948 with the publication of his paper, "A Mathematical Theory of Communication"...

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